New Recycling Laboratory at Koehler Innovation & Technology Enables Rapid Research and Development of System-Compatible Products

Koehler Innovation & Technology is investing further in the research and development of sustainable and recyclable paper-based solutions. The latest evaluation methods of the European paper industry association Cepi (Cepi Recyclability Test Method Version 2) and the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS, Paper Technology Foundation) (Recyclability Testing according to PTS-RH 021 - Cat 2) can now be applied in the recycling laboratory using a Somerville fractionator screen. This means it is now straightforward and much faster to evaluate papers and product concepts in terms of their recyclability and suitability for the circular economy. Each step of the recycling process can be replicated in the laboratory, from defibering, fractionating, and sorting, to the evaluation of the filtrates and visual analysis of sheet formation, including the evaluation of visual inhomogeneities and tackiness. The analytics department at Koehler Innovation & Technology also makes it possible to carry out additional in-depth analytical investigations to obtain a more comprehensive picture of established test methods.

“We want to make the world a more sustainable place every day by designing products and processes for the circular economy. We assist with the development from the raw material to the finished product with comprehensive analysis and characterization processes. The new recycling laboratory is therefore a logical addition to ensure that we can develop recyclable products,” explains Dr. Markus Wildberger, Corporate Director of Technology at Koehler Innovation & Technology. “It allows us to carry out any test in-house quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively, and to confirm the results achieved in practice at our plant for recycled papers in Greiz. And that makes us the perfect development partner.”

Application of the Latest Findings From the Cross-Industry Alliance 4evergreen in the Recycling Laboratory
Koehler Innovation & Technology is part of a cross-industry alliance, 4evergreen, that aims to strengthen synergies between companies committed to promoting low-carbon and fiber-based packaging for the circular economy. By bringing together the entire value chain, for example paper manufacturers, converters, and consumers, 4evergreen promotes cooperation across the complete product life cycle for fiber-based packaging. Koehler Innovation & Technology applies the latest findings from this collaboration directly in its own recycling laboratory, enabling it to develop test methods in line with the latest technical, environmental, and legal requirements and to define criteria, methods, and principles for the industry.