Recyclable paper-based solutions for the future: Koehler Innovation & Technology at Interpack 2023

Together with experts from Koehler Paper, Dr. Markus Wildberger, Corporate Director Technology at Koehler Innovation & Technology, and Aljoscha Föll, Head of Innovation Management, as well as Dr. Stefan Peter, Head of Patent Department & Strategy at Koehler Innovation & Technology, presented new developments in the field of flexible packaging paper to around 150,000 visitors at the Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf from May 4 to 10.

In addition to new application possibilities for flexible product packaging made of paper in the non-food sector with excellent strengths, such as for screws or electronic components, the trade visitors were particularly interested in the innovative product concepts for fast food, potato chips and chocolate. These include a new vacuum-metallized in the nanoscale and sustainable packaging paper based on “Koehler NexPlus®” barrier paper with excellent product protection, especially for chips, bars or cosmetics. For this purpose, Koehler Innovation & Technology conducted a feasibility study and developed the new paper-based solution in cooperation with Nissha Metallizing Solutions. The paper has excellent barrier properties with oil and grease resistance and is recyclable. Like all other “Koehler NexPlus®” paper products, this innovative can be heat sealed too. Furthermore, the experts also showed the further development of their fast food paper. These products are now not only made without the use of fluorochemicals, as they have always been, but also without the use of acrylates, making them a sustainable and environmentally alternative to the packaging paper currently used in the fast-food sector. "We are thrilled by the numerous visitors and interesting discussions. This spurs us on to continue developing sustainable solutions and setting standards. We are convinced that the holistic consideration of the 'circular economy' approach and the resulting ecological impact on the value chain and the environment is the key to sustainability in innovation and research", Markus Wildberger sums up the time spent at the trade fair.