Enormous developmental achievement: nucao paper from Koehler is considered to be particularly recyclable

The latest system innovation, Koehler NexPlus® Advanced, is a consistent further development of Koehler Paper's barrier concepts to replace plastic as a packaging material where this makes sense. Since the end of 2022, the six-year-old start-up nucao has been the first chocolate manufacturer on the market to use primary packaging made of paper from Koehler Paper for its "nucao fruits" and "nucao nuts" chocolate products. nucao products are made with organic ingredients and fair-trade cocoa from organic farming. Being socially and environmentally friendly is part of the brand's DNA, so to speak. This makes nucao a perfect fit for the family-run company Koehler Paper, which pursues a comprehensive sustainability strategy.


Koehler Paper scores 19 out of 20 on recyclability of nucao paper

Interseroh+, a subsidiary of Berlin-based environmental services provider Interzero, tested the new product for recyclability and confirmed to WirtschaftsWoche that Koehler Paper scored 19 out of a possible 20 points. This is a scale of points developed by Augsburg-based Bifa Umweltinstitut together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging and applied by Interseroh+ for its "Made for Recycling" seal. For a paper packaging with product protection, "19 points is an exceptionally high rating, which has not been achieved by any comparable paper so far, at least in our testing," writes Interseroh+ in its response to the editors.


Very good rating confirms enormous development performance

Since papers do not by themselves bring with them any protective functions for foodstuffs, the experts at Koehler Innovation & Technology have applied newly developed "functional barriers" to specially designed papers to ensure product protection, optimum running properties on packaging equipment and recyclability. This coating has oxygen, mineral oil and fat barriers necessary for direct contact with chocolate and nuts, and it is additionally suitable for heat-sealing applications. After use, nucao packaging is a valuable secondary raw material as wastepaper that can continue to add value in recycled papers. So, after use, off to the wastepaper with it! Wastepaper is raw material. The experts at Koehler Innovation & Technology are delighted with the outstanding properties of the packaging solution and the joint application success.